Gas turbines play an increasingly important role in electric grid operations across the globe.  Providing grid support for increased solar and wind generation drives a growing need for small gas turbines. Refurbished gray-market units typically cost considerably less than a new gas turbine package but currently face a number of issues, including the lack of OEM warranty and questions regarding infringement of manufacturer’s intellectual property.

To address these issues, WattStock works hand-in-hand with a major gas turbine OEM to provide refurbished turbine generator packages with the same warranty and guarantees as a new unit, while preserving the cost advantages of refurbished units. 

The WattStock CTP program offers significant advantages over gray-market refurbished machines:

Lower project cost, increased output, lower heat rate, and improved reliability – delivered in six months or less and fully covered by a major manufacturers warranty and performance guarantees.  That’s the profile of a WattStock CTP aero-derivative gas turbine generator set refurbished leveraging state-of-the art OEM technology.

As the only packager approved by the partner OEM to refurbish their gas turbine generator sets, WattStock offers access to the full suite of OEM-engineered components, upgrades, digital solutions, and intellectual property that maximize payback and optimize life cycle value.  The solution may also improve project financing options and lower business interruption insurance premiums.



  • OEM provides WattStock a customer-selected refurbished gas turbine that is tailored for the intended operating application,
  • WattStock refurbishes the package in accordance with OEM guidelines and QC procedures using the latest OEM-engineered package components, modifications, and upgrades, 
  • OEM certifies each CTP; WattStock performs installation and commissioning under OEM supervision,
  • WattStock tests package to ensure performance guarantees, and OEM manages the warranty, and WattStock performs the warranty work.


Increase output by up to 27%. Improve heat rate as much as 13%. WattStock uses partner OEM’s latest digital insights to drive plant performance improvement:

  • 20mW - 100mW repower
  • Peak performance
  • Schedule optimization
  • Steam injection
  • Compressor fouling mitigation

Reduce emissions to as low as 5 ppm NOx:

  • Fuel conversion
  • Optimize exhaust gas temperatures
  • Auto NOx blasting
  • Water or steam injection for NOx


Extend asset life up to 200,000 hours

  • Upgrade combustors
  • Upgrade core software & controls
  • Mitigate compressor fouling
  • Optimize asset performance management


Achieve part-load operation as low as 10% load with emissions compliance

  • Optimize exhaust gas temperatures
  • Install five-minute fast start
  • Convert to dual/fuel
  • Upgrade synchronous condensing
  • 20mW – 100mW repower
  • Battery storage retrofit